PRODUCTS :                                       (with Spanish Bi-Lingual Labeling)

Interior & Exterior Stains

Eco Best Decorative Concrete Stain: Used on concrete floors, concrete microtoppings, stamped concrete, precast, tilt-up, fiber cement boards, masonry blocks, brick pavers, plaster, stucco, and more. Stain and Seal in One Step with up to 2X Coverage vs Conventional Products 

Eco Best Deck, Fence & Siding Wood Stain:Used on wood decks, wood fences, wood siding, fiber cement siding, wood trim, wood furniture, wood floors and more. Stain and Seal in One Step with up to 2X Coverage vs Conventional Products

Surface Preparation

Eco Best Etching Cleaner: Used on concrete and masonry substrates to properly deep clean and etch cementitious surfaces for optimum penetration and bonding.

Eco Best Heavy Duty Concrete, Masonry, & Wood Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate: Used to effectively remove soils, grease, oils, and other tough surface contaminants.

Eco Best Gel Stripper: Used to remove multiple layers of lead paint, paint, epoxy, polyurethane, sealers, and carpet/tile adhesives.